Monday, February 23, 2009


is there a God? if so, why is he letting us suffer so much when we haven't done anything wrong?
cant he hear the wails of the human multitude begging for mercy? whith shells blasting out every other minute and terror reigning supreme in the land, where is the salvage for us all?

with no home, no place to call as your own, no clue about your scattered kinsmen, what is the purpose of living? oh Lord, isn't there a single place in this land of mine that is spared of bloodbath?

hope and faith are long gone...wont they be when all that you can think of is surviving the hour?in the end,do i have any choice but to accept the inevitable, when i find water to quench my thirst and food to satisfy my hunger?

p.s : for the uninitiated, eroteme is also called as 'question mark.'
it is so named because each sentence ends with a question mark. and the last question rhetorically answers the first question.


Subash said...
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Subash said...
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N said...
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N said...

Very dark. I'm afraid I don't perceive why you wrote it...
I've grown to be a misanthrope and not give a damn about human misery, cry for mercy, et al. One of the reasons is that as a race that has caused the extinction of innumerable species and is going to wipe out half the existing life-forms by the end of the century, we have no right to feel miserable and deserve mercy.

I urge you to watch this video.

As for the first (FA)Q, click hither.

Subramaniam said...

Very dark indeed... I'd rather see the silver lining on the cloud! I mean most people my age wouldnt have seen anything disturbing in person. I personally think there still is hope and the situation isnt that desperate yet lol.