Saturday, September 20, 2008

the son and the father.

the father and son live side by side. but each in his own individual abodes. while the father,a ripe old patriarch without whom nothing functions in his household lives in an old fashioned yet majestic home. the towering entrance to his peaceful place lies deep set in a not so busy street. once you get into his home, his love and warmth engulfs you. patient and benevolent he watches over all those who come to him with indulgence of a doting grandfather,calmly listens to their woes and pleas and does his best to help them out.
this beautifully set house can be viewed from the main road too,but not many give it special attention, often confusing it with his son's place. this square plot of land has disjoint rooms and it also encompasses spacious verandas. on entering the place,one would immediately see the beautiful cows tethered to coconut and guava trees...happily munching away the straw. these cows supply the patriarch's household with rich unadulterated milk as he totally hates the packeted stuff that they sell these days in the name of milk.
being an old fashioned man, the chamber of his wife is set to his left. his eldest son's room is to his right. the younger one, like all typical kids prefers to stay in between the father and mother. the patriarch also has a small study behind his chamber and also, on the insistence of his wife, he has set aside a room for his wife's sister in law next to his study.
all those faithfuls who visit him feel the presence of his love in their heart and derive a sense of security in every square inch of his place...even the gently blowing breeze,the elegantly swaying coconut trees,pegions strutting in the tower all remind us that he will be there for us whenever we need him. and they leave with peace in their mind and heart

now, lets move to his second son's home.though the essential style of architecture is similar to that of his fathers, the whole atmosphere is different. with granite floors and bright lights, his home reflects his modern outlook. the tower here is taller and grander. all these are in total contrast with his fathers sober and conservative residence. on entering the house, we come across his elder brother's chamber to our left. then we see his main chambers, where he is visited by his faithfuls. being the mother's pet, he insists that she stays close to him and has her quarters set up on his right, while that of his fathers is to his left.
belonging to the next generation he dosent mind packeted milk. also, unlike his father, he flaunts his wealth and always has some event going on in his home. those who visit this place get charged with energy and vitality that he radiates. they become more willing to take risk and generally start trying to live their lives to its fullest.

the son,being flashier and more noticeable is more popular in the neighbourhood than his father. but the father, like all typical fathers, lets him steal the show. after all, what else can make a dad proud more than seeing his son flourish??

*this is a descriptive article about the vengeeshwarar temple( lord shiva) and the vadapalani murugan temple. eventhough both the temples are situated near by,the murugan temple is the one which is well known and the shivan temple is shadowed by its fame. the vengeeshwarar temple,though equally old and powerful, is known only to the locals.


aswin jayaraman said...

Quite an apt description.People who know both these temples would really enjoy this blog entry.I also have a personal liking to both these temples.Hence i find it closer to my heart as well.It is cool on the whole.Rock on a! cheers!

Arvind said...

Hey, at first i had no idea as to where this blog was leading me...its nice the way you've brought out the differences through the dad and son comparison..cheers!!

Krishnan A said...

while i reading this why u r wasted the time to explain their houses and final touch is realy amazing what u r rocking again and again