Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a sunset

the distressing fact that i had gained a couple of pounds occupied the whole period of my walk in the today. with my strides longer and quicker than the usual pace, i mentally reviewed the reasons the 29th time since last night about the factors leading to my waistline expansion.

absolutely no more chocolates...definitely no hotel foods...chuck the chats and DONOT go to the college canteen. this became my mantra throughout my high intensity walk. by the time i was in the last 5 minutes of my half an hour walk,the flight of a crow so near my head jerked my gaze up to the sky...oh my!!! what a sight it was to behold.

the eastern sky was a soft shade of lavender slightly diluting the violent purple. a huge swath of the sky was painted in this absolutely indescribable hue of purplish magentaish violetish indigoish colour. it was so atypical a colour for a sunset. a shrieking parrot which was nothing but a streak of dark green in the late evening sky made me turn around an lo!!! the sky in the west greeted me.

the sun which had sunk long ago had given the weeping sky a parting gift of its love bathed in the comforting orange to which the sky was clinging to with determination. the orange was so different from the regular blotchy patches and streaks that comes to our mind when we think of the sunset. shimmering with a scarlet blush, the orange shade which was a cross between red and gold glimmered like the silk sari of a bride sitting infront of the agni.

unable to hold myself back, i propped up the ladder and climbed up the tank. on reaching the highest point in my terrace i was able to witness the last vestiges of this glorious sunset. right in front of me the sky glowed burnished copper and gold...above my head it soothed with the calming blue...and behind me in the east,it seduced with its velvety darkness. the whole atmosphere was absolutely still,with not a single breath of wind.

like a child, i stretched on my tip toes and extended my arms above my fingers trying to brush the absolute marvel all around me but yet,not near me. but all i could do was join my hands whole body stretching upwards...saying a silent salutation to the one up there.

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