Monday, May 18, 2009


The best part of the sun's journey
Across the grey, pale blue,
Beguiling fresh blue and
The gloriously golden sky-is,
The time when he begins his
Much awaited trip
To the arms of his beloved ocean.

The ferocity and frustration
With which he frowned upon his subjects
During the agonizingly lonely afternoon
Gradually mellows down, as his love
Starts blowing breezy, cool kisses to him.

Allured by her enchanting coolness,
He eagerly slides down the sky
To meet his hearts mistress

She managed to remain cool during his absence
But when her love proceeds steadily towards her,
Seeking her to slake his love and lust,
Her coolness slips… as he makes her simmer with need,
She radiates a beckoning orange blush,
When he caresses her with a teasing soft touch.

Unable to dally any longer
He slides, slips and rushes
To plunge deep into her…
Making her feel glorious to be his women

She is his exact complement…
Her water and his fire,
His warmth and her coolness,
His gruffness and her sweetness,
And above all…….
Her femininity and his masculinity…
Couple, to produce life in their home that is the earth.

The stars are nothing but
The remnants of their passion…
There is nothing but darkness
When the moans fade out
Slowly into sighs and whispered words of love.
The joy and love and contentment and security,
Blanket the passionate couple and cool them to sleep.

But, alas, he has to do his duty,
And when he arises to leave her empty,
She bades him a farewell of tears.
Which glistens every morning
As dew drops on the tip of the grasses so green.

Now do you know why,
The sun will never allow the dew drops
To live as long as he does?


N said...

Easily one of the more rewarding poems I've read. I liked the consistency in the parallelism throughout the poem, not to mention the parallelism itself.

Interesting that a woman named after the sun should give it the role of the male.

mathi said...

hey . Easily your best that i ve read so far it seems . Wonderful feel , thought and word . The makings of a perfect one . Introducing several new hues to the sun's spectrum .... Kudos

aswin jayaraman said...

Chanceless aruna...mindblowing...I was able to feel it...romba nalla irundudu...second stanza was my favourite

Ninja said...

The poem was awesome Aruna. I enjoyed each and every bit of it. The feeling was beautiful throughout the poem. Wish you write many more :):)