Tuesday, April 7, 2009

glimpse of sanity

the mind is a swirling ocean
with thoughts - as superficial as the foam
churning without a pause
mundane issues, fruitless emotions
worries, tensions, longings, hopes
joys, pleasures, contentment
pride, anger, hate, love
needs, wants, anticipations, expectations
all mix up to form the indescribable ocean hue.

whirlpools here and there
storms now and then
waves thrashing out with force
currents drifting on their fixed course
all these go on as endlessly
as the seemingly near, yet the always far away horizon.

but among all these madness
the simple act of letting things go
pulls us out of the thick
and offers us the brief solace
of a bird's view of the calm ocean.


Amal Bose said...

that was beautiful..

Findvikki420 said...

wow.. i didnt know you pen poems.. this one is good..
this is the kinda person you are.. aren't you? letting things go.. and seeing the lighter aspect of things and yet have so many things runnin in ur mind!?
Good one.

mathi said...

letting things go is right .. nice word work . but this style of saying to let things go is cliched na .. where is your stamp in this work . i find that a bit missing ?!

DE-C-IDE Solutions said...

articulate ending...
guess u can be more generous with adjectives. ;)

aswin jayaraman said...

Not your best I suppose...etho missing ithula...maybe again because of the fatal law of contradiction