Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the grass in NOT always greener...

Meenakshi's diary
7th Nov.
i really didn't recognize the aberration in orange salwar when it stopped by my table with an excited expression and a loud "hi meeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you remember me? sooooooooooo goooooooooooood to see you!!! it has been ages na?" it took me a moment to orient myself and i really was clueless who she was.

do i know anyone who looks like an overripe tomato, around 35 yrs of age? an ill fitting costly ready made salwar, a big bag holding god knows what and a feeding bottle popping out of it, a half bald guy tagging behind her with a screaming 2 yr old in his arms....who? who? just when her eyes started fading in disappointment, something clicked in me. nikitha!!! i hollered back. boy, it had been ages since i saw her. 4 yrs to be precise...that too in her wedding.
i dismissed that yawningly boring guy mom had set me up with on a lunch date with unfaltering hope that atleast this guy would charm me into marriage, and invited them to join me. we then filled each other on what happened in our lives in these 4 yrs. that was done in 10 minutes.

she works as a software engineer (yeah yeah. whatelse?). lives in Velachery (ofcourse). sundays they usually lunch out (excitement max of the week) and it was really wondreful to meet me here (really?). i tried explaining to her about my work(s) and seeing the expression on her face, i just saved my breath. and as we sat looking at each other and repeating "i never expected to see you here" around 10 times, she asked the most irritating question.
"are you married?"
"aww meenu, you just dont know what you are missing." here she took her husband's hand and beamed into his face.
"life is sooo good when you have someone to share it with." hey!! i already am sharing it with so many- parents, friends, relatives, neices, nephews...
" and when you get a kid...sigh." here she gives a dreamy expression and kisses the cheek of her son.
on and on she went about the joys of being married. to me, it sounded as if she was trying to convince herself that being married is actually a good thing. who knows, she may even have started feeling jealous looking at me. i mean...look at her. all bloated up, stuck up with a husband who just couldnt keep his eyes off any female in the vicinity, a snotty kid to look after...who wouldnt want to be single?

its not that am against marrige or that i dont want to get married. i do. but not now. please, am only 27 and am having so much fun. an absolutely amazing job, business ventures, loads of travelling, meeting so many people, doing whatever i please whenever i just cant get any better :)

Nikitha's diary
7th Nov.
today i met my college mate Meenakshi at 'The Tower' hotel. i never expected to see her there. and it was quite easy to recognize her. she looked pretty much the same as she did 4 yrs ago. but she looked funny, wearing a wrap around skirt and a t-shirt. sure, she does have a slim figure, but the dress is for the young really didnt sit well on a 27 yr old.

she is now working as a creative head in an advertising agency. she is still single. wonder why would any woman be willingly unmarried at this age. and god, she is so full of herself. she kept on bragging about her travels and various business ventures.
poor girl. life must sure be lonely for her. no man to call as her own, no man to cherish and care for her, to make her feel wanted and loved, to hold her at the end of the kid to to make her see the world in a whole new perspective, to make her understand the feeling of completion in motherhood...dosent she long for all these?

looking at her, i just couldnt help but feel lucky. all said and done, the true joy of life is to have someone to love you unconditionally and to love him back with all your heart. what more can a woman ask for other than a trusting, empathetic husband and hale and healthy children?


mathi said...

:-) nice one . two sides of a coin .. as they say it.
good differentiation of the language style between the two diaries. charactera feel panni ezhudhiruke !:-)

aswin jayaraman said...

No two organisms are similar is what we call variation in biological terms.The post supports the concept to the fullest.After all we both are best examples as well.Add SMS to the loooooooong list.

Amal Bose said...

interesting post..
i have always thought of writing something like this, diff views on the same topic.

Subramaniam said...

From a general perspective this may appear to be contrasting opinions from two different people but i can see another side(perhaps a third?) in which both of them are trying to satisfy themselves in what they have...

In a sense they are similar in the fact that they have a contrasting image! But there is a real character provided within these few lines of blog space... Perhaps it had something to do with the names(nice selection!)? It takes much to put a lot into a little....

Truely beautiful work.

Findvikki420 said...

Artificial intelligence + Natural stupidity = Aruna's pen.
A bundle of contradictions, caught between idealism and pragmatism, and a culmination of multiple identities :D
how ever.. its motto - Keep life simple, stupid.

There's no charge for awesomeness or for attractiveness. Amazing

Praveen said...

ah the human mind and its perceptions ...the transition between the two diaries was amazing. Inspirational i should say :P

Krishnan A said...

Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without.

Ikkaraiku akkarai pachai

good work aruna , keep it up