Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the power of music is real great. sitting at the terrace after an hour long tedious walk, my abstinence from writing has come to an end. listening to a beautiful rendition composed by a.r. rehman in my mp3 player jolted awake my dormant urge of creating something.

looking around me,i suddenly felt the beauty of the sunset,the flight of birds, the green of trees and even the melancholic plight of the home demolished next door...a feeling of appreciation which has only been a memory of yesteryears. an overall sense of well being enveloped me,the kind of sensation that u get after you become really really well after a prolonged period of minor and nagging illnesses.

after joining my b.e at a dime a dozen college, i had been feeling totally out of touch with my self. falling into a kind of routine that leaves u with v.little time for anything else and forcing myself to digest the godawful subjects and syllabus that i had no interest in,i got v.jaded about life.

my journals and scrapbook that i had once filled with writings vanished away. i no longer took the pen just for the sake of writing my mind...or my heart out. the joy that i experienced when i saw each and every bit of nature, the abandon with which i threw myself to writing whenever it rained,the cheerfulness with which i sailed through my life became nothing but a long forgotten dream.

though i still had an active social life,a good relationship with my relatives and remained more or less the same person to the eyes of all those who know me,i knew that i had changed. i failed to realize that writing was important to make me complete.
i still cant pinpoint to the exact reason why i had stopped writing. it maybe because i was...still am doing something which i totally dislike,that is pursuing a technical education. it really made me so depressed at times that i felt totally uninspired to even get up from my sulking chair and get myself a glass of water...let alone get into the mindset of writing.

but now,thank god,am back to normalcy. i still couldn't contain my grin that started 20 minutes ago. life is great again.!!!


Onymous said...

Welcome aboard the Blog Fleet!
And welcome back to Writing!
Humble suggestion: Change the blog's title to your book's [ Scribblings]

sreekanth said...

Glad you have started writing again!!!

Hope there are no more breaks!!